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Application Process/ Info Meetings

Scriber Lake High School is a school of choice. Our application process allows us to get to know students and helps our team provide a more personalized approach along with wrap around support when students start with us. Accepted students start together as an entry group. This provides new students with the opportunity to get to know the Scriber Lake community, to form connections/friendships, and set them up for success. 

**Please scroll to the chart below to view the start dates for entry groups and the associated deadlines for the application process.**

STEP 1 - Pre Register HERE

STEP 2 - Attend an In-Person Information Meeting:
Students applying to Scriber Lake are required attend an Information Meeting (it is also recommended that parents, guardians, or supportive adults attend). If you begin the application process after our in-person Information Meetings are offered but still want to apply before the deadline for paperwork and interviews, outlined below, you can watch the recorded Information Meeting linked HERE.
STEP 3 - Submit Application Forms, Parent Letter, Student Letter & Related Documents:
Physical copies of the application packets (also available in other languages) will be handed out during the in-person Information Meeting and are available in the counseling center. If you would like to get started on the linked forms now, they are in the Application Checklist and Spanish Application Checklist.
**Please send (in one email or fax) or drop off (in the drop box or the counseling center) the completed application packet and related documents by the interview.**
STEP 4 - Schedule One-on-One In-Person Student Interview HERE or via the QR code below: 
**All application forms and related documents must be received prior to the student interview.**

STEP 5 - If Accepted, Attend the New Student & Family Orientation:
Dates and times are listed below



To begin your enrollment on the start date below, follow the next 5 steps to complete the application process

STEP 1: Pre-register here 

STEP 2: Attend an Information Meeting 
In-Person Meeting
Location: Staff Lounge
Date: noted below
Time: 7:00 to 8:00 pm
*Please attend the In-Person Info Meeting if you have any questions*
IMPORTANT: *STEPS 3 & 4 need to be completed by the date below to be considered for the entry start date.*
STEP 3: Submit All Application Forms & Related Documents

Details and linked forms are provided in the Application Checklist and Spanish Application Checklist. Physical copies of the application packets (including other languages) are also available in the counseling center.

STEP 4: Schedule One-on-One In-Person Student Interview here
Check-In Location: Counseling Center
All application forms and related documents must be received prior to scheduling the interview. 
STEP 5: If Accepted, Attend New Student/ Family Orientation & Tour 
Location: Staff Lounge
Date: noted below
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm


11/8/23 or 1/3/24




2/7/24 or 3/6/24




5/1/24 or 6/5/24