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2024 - 2025 Registration

Scriber Lake High Class Registration

Selecting your high school courses each year is an important element of your High School and Beyond Plan. It is your opportunity to design your class schedule to not only meet your diploma requirements, but to explore your interests, deepen your skills and prepare yourself for what you may be planning to pursue after graduation.

At SLHS we believe that the best decisions about your course plan are made in partnership with your family and school staff. We encourage students and parents or guardians to explore the registration materials thoroughly before making their decisions. And we invite you to reach out to your Family Teacher, your School Counselor or our College & Career Specialist if you have any questions or you’d like help.

Registration for the upcoming school year starts in late-February and ends in mid-March. We will begin with a student assembly about the registration process and going over course options. High School Planning and Course Registration will take place in your Family class. Your School Counselors will hold additional drop-in sessions you can attend and take individual meetings, if you need additional support completing the process.