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Status - Green, Yellow, Red

At Scriber, we use the colors of the traffic light to help us readily identify how well our program is working for our students. If a student is on Green status, we know that everything is going well for the student; if a student slips to Yellow status, we are cautioned to examine our plan for the student; if a student does not return to Green status even after we have made accommodations or adjustments and slips to Red status, we know that our program is not working for the student and will re-examine the student’s placement at SLHS. Red and Yellow status students will have mandatory Homework Club for the daily flex period until the next sessions status is confirmed.

Students who do not finish the school year on Green status must complete a summer program (e.g. summer school, community service, work experience, drug/alcohol treatment, etc.) and earn .25 credits or equivalent in order to return to SLHS day program in the fall. Student who do not complete these summer requirements will have a mandatory program change for one quarter. Upon successful completion of this quarter, students may be placed back in the regular day program.

The student is passing all classes, plus Family and SSR. Green status results in priority registration. In addition, Green status is celebrated throughout the course of the year.

The student is not passing all classes and/or not passing Family and SSR. A Yellow contract, which is a plan for the student to become successful by the end of the next session, and contact with parent(s)/ guardian(s) are required.


The student fails to return to Green status from Yellow status. A Red contract, which is a probationary plan with specific consequences, and a conference with parent(s)/guardian(s) are required.