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Edmonds eLearning Academy

Edmonds eLearning Academy is a school district funded online school that offers students the option to take classes in a self-paced online environment. Classes are free if they are one of the student’s five-period courses. There is a tuition fee for a 6th-period course. All student coursework is available via the internet. No special equipment is needed other than access to a computer and a good internet connection to participate. Classes are both quarter based (for full-time students) and semester based. A student is expected to complete their course within the semester or quarter in which they are enrolled. 

Edmonds eLearning Academy features a mastery-based program in which students can demonstrate prior knowledge in a subject area. Students take a pre-test and can successfully test out of sections and work on those sections that they have not previously mastered. This works particularly well for credit recovery classes in which the student has previously taken the class but failed to earn credit. Students can work through more than one course in a semester if they are motivated to complete their credits.

They offer all course offerings of a comprehensive high school including CTE and World Languages. They also offer both semesters of a course (for example U.S. History S1 and S2) throughout the school year. They offer NCAA approved courses for student-athletes wishing to be a part of our school. However, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete and parent to research the acceptability of credits with any prospective college for which the student may be attempting to enroll.

Students have access to computers and certificated teachers Monday through Thursday between 1-6pm at the Edmonds ESC (20420 68th Ave. W). This drop-in lab is used by students to get face-to-face help from a teacher, meet and socialize with other online students, and discuss issues they are having with their courses with staff. 

Online classes provide yet another option for students to be successful. However, just as every school or program is not a good fit for every student; the same is true for online classes. Online students should possess the following skills or attributes:

  1. Desire/Willingness to take classes online
  2. Ready access to the Internet, with a home computer
  3. Basic Internet and computer skills (navigate the Internet, email, copy and paste, save a file, use a word processor)
  4. Willingness to communicate with teacher(s) over email
  5. Ability to be self-motivated
  6. Possess good time management skills

 ***Students interested in eLearning should talk to their counselor.***